10 Things That Make You Feel Alright (Good :) )


In no particular order:

1)    When you’re traveling in the city, and suddenly you find yourself under the canopy of ancient trees, their sinewy arms stretched out over the road. And you look up and see the sun glinting through the leaves.

Suddenly you’re alone; you no longer hear the honks and cries of dreary daily life. You witness a quietude of the diamond blue sky, enmeshed with the emerald of the leaves; and you are sure of the joy in your heart, just as you are, of the beauty you behold.


2)    You know how is it when a friend or someone calls you five times before you answer, and when you do, they sound all crestfallen and condemnatory, and you know you’ve been bad. Inevitably, the conversation ends with much cringing on your part and a little wondering on theirs I guess.

Well every once in a while, (in a long long while) you’ll get a call from someone who sounds just the same after the tenth missed call; and you’re just so goddamn thankful for them!


3)    You wake up, pick up the newspaper, and start your day with everything that’s wrong with the country; the rapes, gang-rapes, scams, communal rioting, murders, poverty deaths.

You seem to be ensconced in this complete and utter chaos, and you know in your heart that no matter how much you fight or hope, the chaos will overwhelm you, will defeat you, will claim you.

And then as you trudge along bleakly through the day, you might just catch sight of a tried young woman – on her way home from work – jump up and offer her seat to a bowed man with something wrong in his knees. Or a boy, retrieving a blind man’s staff, that the latter, got knocked out of his hands in the rush of people crossing a busy street at a signal.

And though the knowledge of the rarity of these moments, breaks your heart; while you’re there, and you see it, your heart is warmed.


4)    When you’re driving in traffic choked Bangalore, and 40Km/hr is the fastest you’ve been all week. And then, out of the blue, you find a 500 metre empty stretch just smiling at you, and you yelp gustily with joy and make sure you cross the red-marked 80Km/hr on your scooter’s speedometer.


5)    When after a hard day at work, you board your bus, find your corner, and plug in your Cowon J3.

Music, the most perfect thing in the world.

(In second place: Marshmallows 🙂 )


6)    That moment when you know without a doubt that you just received the best birthday present ever!!


7)    When you walk into a bakery and immediately connect on a whole other level with one of the pastries/brownies/cookies on display. You bashfully place the order, hoping against hope that it will be everything you imagine it to be. You take in the rich aroma when it is placed before you, and with mildly trembling fingers raise the confection to your lips.


Did your heart just skip a beat!? You nibble at it until the full sugary glory of it dawns on you and you’re suddenly giving a very crooked, very chocolately smile.

The world is at peace.

8)    You know how it is when you awake on a Saturday morning, grimly eye the pile of laundry from the week, and you find the rare resolve to do your laundry right then. And you do!

Once you’re done you know you’re looking at one and a half days of laundry free weekend. Bliss.

9)    When you’re doing some everyday thing, like cancelling and booking another ticket for your friend, because she was supposed to fly out of Mumbai on the very day that a so called Tiger chose to die, and thus effectively forced the complete shutdown of our largest city.

Well I digress. The thing is, while you’re doing that, your mother who’s come to visit you, looks at your composed demeanour and says she’s proud of you and those few seconds are getting etched in your memory.

Or when on your birthday you get a mail from your father, the contents of which you wouldn’t be able to recall verbatim after a few months, except for the one line that went, “You’ve been a good daughter to me.”

Or when you’re rummaging through some old stuff and come across a birthday card from last year, where your sister wrote that you were the best sister and closest friend (and you’re hoping to God that she doesn’t feel obligated).


10) When the friend who sounds the same after the 10th call you don’t pick, goes ahead and gets a blog ready (after your fervent promises of being a dutiful blogger) and then waits another month, sprinkled with more missed calls. And what do you know, 21st Dec. 2012 is come and gone, and we’re all still around, and you say you’ll be damned if you don’t get your act together and make your first blog entry!